Weather Services

Expert Witness Testimony

I have been involved in over 1500 weather-related, legal cases.  Whether you need a written report detailing site-specific weather conditions on a past date, expert witness testimony, certified weather records, or just some advice - I've got you covered!  Initial Consultations are always free! Most U.S. locations covered. More Information

Receive weather forecasts for your specific location and situation.  Are you putting on a fair, party, wedding, or event outdoors?  Stay informed on the latest weather changes that may effect it via phone, text, fax, and/or the Web.


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Weather Verification

If you are a weather insurance company or policy holder, I can verify the amount of rain or snow that falls in most U.S. locations.  If you are a snow removal company, snow plow operator, or customer of snow removal services, I can verify snowfall amounts for each storm in your area.



T.V. & Radio Broadcasts

Need a degreed meteorologist with 30 years of broadcast experience?  You know who to call.


Examples of Television Work

Fox 61 March 9, 2013

Fox 61 2013

Fox 61 Winter 2013

WFSB Morning Show 1995ish

Original Video Resume