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Is There Anyone Out There Who Likes Snow & Cold In April?

Cold front #1 arrives this evening along with the chance for a shower, downpour, or thundershower. That threat should end by 9 PM across most of the area. Low temperatures will be in the mid 40's-low 50's tonight. Saturday doesn't look great because the front will stall a bit just to our south & east and a wave of low pressure will come up. This will keep some showers around at times Saturday. Looks like the further south & east you go, the wetter it will tend to be, but that could change with the slightest change in the position of the front tomorrow. Highs mostly in the mid-upper 50's.

The Arctic cold front comes through late in the day Saturday/Saturday evening. There will be some showers around during the frontal passage and as the colder air floods in overnight, some snow showers/areas of snow predawn Sunday, tapering off in the morning. A surface low will develop on the coast in response to a "short wave" aloft. This could produce a burst of snow in parts of southern New England, so it should be watched closely. Right now I'm thinking snow amounts between a coating and an inch or two, but some higher amounts wouldn't surprise me - especially in higher elevations and some northern areas. After the snow ends Sunday morning, there will be some clearing, however all you'll be thinking about is the wind & the cold. Highs in the 30's-low 40's (20 degrees below average) and a northwest wind at 20-30 mph, with gusts to 50+ mph possible! Wind advisories are up for parts of the region late Saturday night into Sunday. Wind chill factors will be in the 20's on Sunday.

An April Alberta Clipper will drop down from the northwest bring rain & snow to the area beginning Monday morning (the timing of this system has sped up by about 24 hours over the past few days). This system has the potential to produce anywhere from a coating to several inches of snow, although it is hard to get snow to accumulate in April and highs will be 35-45. Lows temperatures predawn Monday will be 15-25 through much of the area. Highs Tuesday probably won't get out of the 30's in most locations, except for a 40 degree reading or two in a couple of the coastal cities. Some higher elevations in MA will remain below freezing all day.

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