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Details on Monday's Snow

The initial snowflakes from the second April snow system in 2 days will arrive CT in the 2 AM - 4 AM range and eastern MA around 6 AM - 8 AM. The precipitation may stop for a while in southern CT however, before redeveloping during the morning. I'm thinking that accumulations will be mostly 1"-3" in CT and maybe more like 3"-5" in MA. Near the shoreline there may be less than an inch and perhaps little or no snow accumulation in NY City and Long Island. It will probably be mostly rain in those areas. I have highlighted the HRRR model in black (below) to show the rain/snow line at 10 AM Monday.

I think most of the snow accumulation in CT, RI, and southeastern MA will have occurred by 11 AM-noon because of the northerly moving rain/snow line and high sun angle this time of year (it has an impact through the clouds). The temperature is going to rise above freezing in many areas and parts of CT & Long Island/NYC may break 40. It's hard for snow to accumulate and last long in April because of these factors. It's not like snow in December & January. Having said that, the Monday morning commute will likely be affected, especially across interior, southern New England.

The Euro and HRRR snowfall forecasts look pretty good to me (below). The HRRR only goes through 2 PM Monday, but like I said, I think in a lot of places the bulk of the snow will be on the ground by then.

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