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We're Stuck!

Yet another "Omega Block" is taking shape aloft this week. The result for us will be similar to a game of musical chairs when the music stops and you don't have a seat. In other words - we're left out in the cold and what you see is what you get for the next few days. There will be the chance for a couple showers, some drizzle/fog, and occasionally a period of rain for the rest of the week, but really nothing too organized. A lot of the time it won't be raining. High temperatures will be mostly in the 50's to about 60, with a few more low 60's later in the week Lots of 40's for overnight lows. Looks like we'll see widespread highs in the 60's this weekend but the chance for a shower or two continues Saturday. Sunday a cold front will sweep through and probably be accompanied by a band of rain in the afternoon, based on current timing (sorry Mom)! After that the Omega Block will begin to break down which means we should see warmer weather here in about a week

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