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Looking Pretty Good Next Few Days

Surface high pressure building in from the west and a ridge aloft should result in nice weather (especially for this time of year) over the next few days. There could be some clouds around Thursday morning though, before the current trough aloft (say that 10 times fast) finishes moving off to the east. The air associated with high pressure sinks. As it sinks, it warms and dries. This is why highs are usually associated with good weather. High temperatures through Saturday will be close to 60 in many places (8-9 degrees above average) and maybe a couple degrees better than that on Friday. Night time lows will be mostly in the 30's to around 40. Changes develop over the weekend. A cold front will reach us Saturday afternoon or night. There will be some showers around at times either later Saturday or Saturday night into Sunday (current timing). With colder air spilling in, likely to see some snow in the higher elevations across New England and in upstate New York Sunday-Monday. So, early next week looks unsettled at times, windy and colder - not nearly as fun to be outside as the next few days, so take advantage of the good weather while it lasts. Potential for more unsettled weather middle of next week (Thanksgiving is on Thursday). Will look at that when we get a little closer.

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