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What's The Deal With This Weekend?

I wouldn't believe any forecasts you hear about the weekend before tomorrow. A clipper dropping into the Great Lakes Saturday will give way to a developing low offshore. This low will be fairly distant from us, however there will be an inverted trough (see image above) extending back toward the original low for a while, which complicates things. Also, the upper-level low will be trying to catch up to the developing, offshore low. This will act to slow down it's forward speed to a meandering level. At this time, I'm thinking there will be some snow around Saturday afternoon or evening into part of Sunday. The models are still far apart on specifics, so you could get away with a dusting or nothing or have to deal with 6"+ more snow, depending exactly where you live and how this plays out. The further south you are, the better the chance you have for accumulating snow, but I'd wait until Friday before taking the specifics of any forecast too seriously. Hopefully a better model consensus will develop by then.

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