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Out Like A Blobfish...........

Well, the old saying says March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This year the month will end on a very ugly note, unless you fancy cold rain, mixed precipitation and snow. I understand the Blobfish was recently named the ugliest animal, so maybe the old saying should be tweeked a bit.

Periods of precipitation will arrive after midnight, continued into Friday, Friday night, and Saturday, then slowly taper off from west-to-east Saturday afternoon and evening. The temperature will be in the 30's most of the time, but above freezing in many places. The exception will be the northern, higher elevations, where I fear there could be an extended period of icing from freezing rain and sleet, after the snow changes over there during Friday . Elsewhere, I think the combination of temperatures above freezing at the surfaces and an above-freezing layer that will develop between about 4,000-8,000 feet above the ground will result in a mostly rain event, although you may see some other precipitation types mix in at the start and the end of the event. The higher elevations may also see some accumulating snow Saturday afternoon/evening before the precipitation ends, as temperatures aloft drop. The map above represents my snowfall forecast for the front end of the storm (through 3 PM Friday).

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