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Summer Afterglow Continues

Image above shows 500 millibar level (roughly 18,000 feet above seal level today) at noon (click to enlarge).

The high pressure ridge that has established itself across the eastern half of the U.S. will continue to maintain summery weather across the region through Wednesday. A side benefit of this ridge will be to send Hurricane Maria back out to sea, away from the east coast after Wednesday. Coastal North Carolina may feel some fringe effects by Wednesday, before the storm takes a right turn. High temperatures during the next few days will be in the 80's across most of the area, however seabreezes will develop, keeping temperatures along the shore (or dropping them into) the 70's. Local warm spots like BDL will be near 90 (BDL set a record high of 92 degrees Sunday). A cold front will arrive Wednesday night. Behind the front, it will be windier Thursday, with highs holding between 66-71. Can't rule out a shower or thundershower with the frontal passage, but the best chance for any rain will be a batch of showers coming through Saturday with a short wave disturbance. Highs will hold in the 60's over the weekend, with overnight lows in the upper 40's-low 50's.

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