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Next Significant Rain?

Tropical Depression #16 has transformed into Tropical Storm Nate this morning. Nate is centered on the coast of Nicaragua and has maximum sustained wind up to 40 mph. Nate is likely to track over the eastern portion of the Yucatan Peninsula then into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. It will likely become a hurricane by the time it's in the Gulf. From there, it will probably make landfall somewhere between New Orleans and the western panhandle of Florida. The remnant moisture from Nate will track northeast along the Appalachians and along the next cold front, sliding in from the west next week. The scenario may produce some heavy downpours in our region by Monday/Tuesday, but it's still early to be confident of exactly how Nate's remnants will track .

Meanwhile, a weakening cold front will move into our area from the northwest today. It will bring some periods of cloudiness with it. There could be a shower in a couple towns, but the front is moisture-starved, so we should generally remain dry. The front will stall over us or just to our south so the cooler air behind it won't really be able to get established. As a result, highs today will reach 75-80 degrees again and tomorrow looks partly sunny with highs in the 70's. There could be a shower or some drizzle late tomorrow night into early Saturday as the front lifts back to the north. Highs will be in the 70's this weekend and it will be on the humid side.

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