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Summer In October Continues...

Nate has come ashore and as of this writing is a tropical storm. The center of circulation is tracking up along the Mississippi/Alabama border. Latest indications are that some of the remnants will reach our area with some heavier downpours and maybe a thunderstorm by mid-late afternoon Monday, however the highest rain amounts will likely be found well to our north & west (see NAM rainfall accumulation forecast image above). A low pressure trough is approaching our area from the west today. This will squeeze some showers and areas of rain out of the moist air mass that is over us and keep things a bit breezy today. Some places may hear a little thunder. Most of the showers & rain today will occur this morning. It will remain mostly cloudy this afternoon, however some spots might see a peek of sun later. Unseasonably mild & humid conditions will continue into Monday. This afternoon and tonight, into Monday morning there is the chance for a shower, but probably not too much going on during most of that time. Areas of fog are likely to develop tonight. Showers and areas of rain, including some heavier downpours, will become more numerous by mid-late afternoon Monday as some remnants from Nate arrive, along with the chance for a thunderstorm. The rain will end Monday night. Tuesday looks dry & warm, with highs in the low 80's! Temperatures will be mostly in the 70's today & Columbus Day, with lows tonight in the upper 60's-low 70's (higher than the average highs for this time of year)!

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