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A Closer Look At Today's Snow Totals

(Click To Enlarge Image).

The NWS has upgraded New Haven, Middlesex & New London Counties to a Blizzard Warning. Many places outside of the Blizzard Warning will still experience near-blizzard conditions at times today.

There is usually a band or two of heavier snow the sets up during a storm and becomes semi-stationary for a while. This is where the highest snowfall amounts usually occur. Two of the short-term, high resolution models I like to look at (the HRRR & 3km NAM) are both suggesting that there will be a narrow corridor of higher precipitation amounts that fall from parts of Tolland and southeastern Hartford Counties, down into Middlesex & eastern New Haven Counties. The models are putting out 1.00"-1.25" of liquid in this corridor. Snow to liquid ratios with this storm are likely to run 13, 14, or 15 to 1. Doing the math, this would produce some local snow amounts as high as 14"-18" in that corridor, if the models verify. Radar and surface reports during the day will confirm whether or not this is actually happening. The band I drew above is not exact nor in stone. It's just to give you a general idea of the area I'm looking at.

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