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Tomorrow's Timetable

Above: Hi-res NAM forecast for 1 PM EST Wednesday. (Click to Enlarge).

  1. Snow develops from west to east across CT between 9 am-11 am.

  2. Snow changes to sleet and freezing rain in the afternoon (earlier along parts of the shore). This will cause some icing - enough to make travel slick, but not enough to cause widespread tree damage or power outages. Snow accumulations 1"-4", except there could be a few places north of Interstate 84 that get a bit more. Parts of the shore could see less.

  3. Mixed precipitation will change to rain from southeast to northwest during the second half of the afternoon through the evening.

  4. High temperatures will reach 35-45 degrees, but not occur until Wednesday evening/early Wednesday night.

  5. It may briefly become breezy/windy Wednesday evening, especially across the southeastern half of the state.

  6. Rain will end from west to east between 8 pm-10:30 pm.

  7. After the rain ends, clearing & colder weather will follow, causing any standing water or slush to freeze overnight Wednesday into early Thursday.

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