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Nor'easter Update

Updated the details based on the latest analysis.

  1. Rain develops tonight & becomes heavier & steadier during the predawn hours. Lows 35-40.

  2. Rain, heavy at times Friday with an increasing northeast to north wind.

  3. 1.5"-3.5" of rain likely. A flood watch in effect statewide.

  4. Wind gusts to 40+mph inland and 50+ along the coast by late Friday/Friday night, with peak gusts of 60-70 mph possible along coastal New London County. High wind Watch up for southern CT, except a High Wind Warning for New London County.

  5. Rain will change to wet snow at times Friday - especially across parts of western CT & the northern hills. All areas change to wet snow Friday night. Accumulations are difficult to estimate with this storm but at this time look to me like 1"-3", except 3"-6" possible across the northeast hills and 6" or more possible across some of the higher elevations of northwestern CT. Eastern, coastal areas could see an inch or less.

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