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How Much?

Another nor'easter will impact our area Wednesday & Wednesday night. This one will bring more snow and less wind than the last one.

  1. Some flurries/light snow possible after midnight.

  2. Parts of CT could have a coating to an inch or so on the ground during the Wednesday morning commute.

  3. Snow will become quite heavy at times Wednesday afternoon.

  4. Snow may mix with or change to rain in portions of southern & eastern CT Wednesday afternoon & evening.

  5. Precipitation will lighten up but not end Wednesday night.

  6. Snow ends by 9 AM Thursday.

  7. Northeast wind will pick up to 10-15 mph Wednesday with gusts to 30 mph. This combined with heavy, wet snow accumulations will likely lead to some power outages - especially where the highest snow amounts occur.

  8. Any change in the forecast track of the storm will effect snow amounts and where mixing with rain occurs.

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