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Weekend Weather's Split Personality May Be Changing Into Bipolar Disorder

Above: Temperature forecast debate for 2 PM Saturday. Hi-Resolution NAM on left, European model on right. (Click to Enlarge).

The trend in the modeling during the past 36 hours continues to bring the backdoor cold front down across the state earlier and earlier Saturday. This means that the transition from warm Spring weather to crummy, Winter-like weather will likely start during the day Saturday instead of holding off until Saturday night.

  1. A brief shower will affect parts of the state this morning into early this afternoon, otherwise partly sunny & mild with highs today in the upper 60's-low 70's.

  2. Partly cloudy to clear tonight. Lows 45-55.

  3. Some morning sun Saturday, but increasing clouds during the day. There could be a shower or some drizzle in the afternoon or evening. Highs in the 60's most likely for most of the state, however it could still reach 70+ in southwestern CT and may have trouble getting out of the upper 50's in northeastern CT, depending on the exact speed and placement of the cold front tomorrow which will "back down" across the state from northeast to southwest.

  4. Cold & unsettled weather likely Saturday night & Sunday, with some light showers & drizzle, and in some parts of the interior, even some sleet and/or freezing rain/freezing drizzle. Temps in the 30's to around 40.

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