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Headlines For Tuesday, January 22

Above: Weather Prediction Center's rainfall forecast for Wednesday PM-Thursday. (Click to Enlarge).

  • Yesterday's high of 5 degrees at BDL was the coldest day in 37 years and a record low maximum for the date. Boston (10 degrees) and Worcester, MA (1 degrees) also broke record low maximums that were set in 1985.

  • Conditions will moderate today as the core of the arctic air continues to push further east. Highs reach the 20's this afternoon with a lot less wind than yesterday.

  • Temps continue to moderate Wednesday, breaking 40 in many places.

  • Next precipitation event brings some showers Wednesday evening/night and heavy rain (1.0"-2.0") Thursday.

  • It's not out of the question that some surfaces could be cold enough that a little ice forms when precipitation begins Wednesday evening, but probably not a widepread issue.

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