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Afternoon Snow Showers

Above: High-res Rapid Refresh snow accumulation forecast today. Other models place the bands of light accumulation differently than this one. (click to enlarge).

  • A Winter Storm Warning is in effect today in Syracuse, NY for Lake-Effect snow. A few snow showers will make it all the way to Connecticut & western MA this afternoon.

  • Not every town will see snowflakes this afternoon, but of the towns effected, some will get a dusting/coating, up to as much as an inch of snow.

  • Breezy with unseasonable cold today. Highs only in the mid-upper 20's,with wind chills in the teens this afternoon. Northwest wind at 10-20 mph, with gusts over 30 mph.

  • Chance for flurries or a touch of light snow Friday night.

  • Rain developing Sunday may begin as snow or sleet in parts of the state.

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