Update on Thursday's Rain & Snow

Based on the latest guidance, I pushed the snowfall accumulations a little further north than I had them at this time yesterday. The precipitation will start in western areas Thursday morning by 8-9 AM and reach eastern areas by 12-1 PM. From Hartford, CT, south & east, it will be a mostly rain event with some snow at the beginning and at the end. Some of the higher elevations in northern Litchfield County, CT could end up with 4"-6". From the Berkshires and north-central MA up into southern VT & NH looks like generally 6"-12". Northeastern VT probably looking at a foot plus, with 2 feet in the White Mountains of northern NH. Most of the precipitation will be over by 6-7 PM in western a

Snow & Rain Thursday

I'm thinking something like the above for snowfall Thursday & Thursday night. Looks like the low levels will be too warm for much accumulation until you go well inland. Precipitation starts in most areas by late Thursday morning/early Thursday afternoon. Most of the snow accumulation will be on the ground by 1:00 A.M. Friday. Southern/southeastern areas may be dealing with mostly rain for a while, then maybe a changeover to snow by Thursday evening.

Snowy Saturday

Warmer air with higher moisture content will over-run the cold, dry air we have a the surface resulting in snow overnight that will change to mixed precipitation and rain during Saturday. Expect the snow to develop from west to east between 1:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M. It should be snowing in all areas at 7:00 A.M., although some coastal areas could see mixing or rain by that time. After 7:00 A.M. the snow will gradually change to mixed precipitation (and rain in southern areas) from south to north, however a mixed bag will probably hold on across parts of the interior into the afternoon. Much of the region will see between 3"-7" of snow accumulation except coastal areas south & east of Guilford, C

Snow Update

So far the precipitation being detected by radar is light, disorganized, and most of it is not reaching the ground yet. This will change over the next several hours as areas of flurries and light snow begin to reach the ground. (Should be fun to see some snow in the air during the Giants-Cowboys game tonight). The snow will change to mixed precipitation and rain through much of the area by 3 AM-4 AM. I'm thinking the morning commute will just be wet across southern CT, adjacent areas of southeastern NY, NJ, NYC & Long Island, southern RI and southeastern MA. There will probably still be some mixed precipitation going on though, in northern CT, western MA, and adjacent areas of southeaster

Messy Sunday Night & Early Monday

Low pressure will move out of the middle of the country into the Great Lakes Sunday night & Monday. A weak, secondary low may try to get going over NJ by Monday morning. As a result we can expect light snow to develop any time after 4:00 PM Sunday with a dusting/coating possible by 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM Sunday evening. There will be a change to mixed precipitation and rain late Sunday night into Monday. By the Monday morning commute, it may just be rain along the shoreline but further inland there will likely still be snow & ice occurring. Depending how fast the warmer air gets in, the coast could get by with an inch or less of snow. Further inland, 1"-3" amounts will be more common, with 3

A Mix Of Rain & Snow Tonight

Rain & snow will reach parts of western, southern New England by 9 PM tonight and spread northeastward, reaching eastern MA after midnight. Temperatures in many places will stay above freezing though, so the most likely places to find a snow accumulation by morning will be across higher elevations, where in some cases it will get down to freezing or below. I think the HRRR snowfall forecast above looks reasonable, although I think you may see some white ground in more parts of CT, MA, and northwest RI than depicted here. Basically, a coating to an inch or two across northwestern CT, western MA (especially outside of the CT valley), the Worcester hills, northwestern NJ, and interior southe

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