Warm Up In Sight

A developing area of low pressure will hug the coast, resulting in rain spreading from southwest to northeast across the region tomorrow. Once it gets going, it will become a soaking rain into Saturday night. Highs will be in the 50's Saturday, lows in the 40's. The steady rain will taper to scattered showers from west to east early Sunday. It will be breezy Mother's Day, with highs in the 50's (maybe a couple spots touch 60). There could be a couple breaks of sun, but the chance for a passing shower continues through Sunday. It now looks like Monday will be the last day that we are held hostage by the upper-level low. More of the same then, with considerable cloudiness (perhaps a coupl

When Will It Get Warm???

Now that we are just 6 weeks away from the strongest sun of the year, you might be wondering "how long until the warm weather arrives?" The answer is: It's going to be a while. Sure, we'll see temperatures in the 60's on many days over the next week, and maybe someone will squeak out a 70 degree reading at some point, but overall, temperatures will struggle despite the ample sun strength for much of this month. The problem is illustrated in the 500 millibar level (roughly 17,000 feet above us) graphic above. The upper-level low pressure area (and associated chilly air) that is over us now will be reluctant to depart. This will result in tolerable daytime highs (mostly 60's after Tuesday,

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