An Arctic Blast On The Way!

(Click To Enlarge) There is patchy, dense fog affecting some parts of the region this morning, producing visibilities down to a quarter mile and a coating of black ice on exposed surfaces. Otherwise, today will be partly cloudy with highs in the upper 40's-low 50's. An arctic cold front will arrive late tonight - toward Friday morning. Sky conditions will be partly to mostly cloudy tonight, along with the chance for a shower ahead of the front. Temperatures will hold in the 40's much of the night, then drop into the 30's toward morning. Behind the front, Friday will be mostly sunny, but windy & uncomfortably cold. Temperatures will drop through the 30's during the day. A northwest win

Snowflakes Tonight?

(Above: National Center For Atmospheric Research Ensembles debate northern extent of tonight's precipitation. Click to Enlarge). An area of low pressure will pass out well to our south tonight. Light precipitation extends well to the north of the low center, so it looks like we will be on the northern fringe of the precipitation tonight. Light rain could reach portions of our region as early as this evening. Low temperatures tonight will drop into the 30's and it will probably be just cold enough for a little wet snow to mix in at times. I am not anticipating any significant accumulation, however I wouldn't be surprised if some of the colder spots receive a little bit of a coating of we

It's All Downhill From Here

(Click To Enlarge) A cold front approaching from the northwest will move across the area this afternoon. Out ahead of the front, a southwest wind will produce unseasonably mild weather today, with high temperatures in the 60's. Showers and areas of rain will become more widespread this afternoon as the front arrives and there could be a rumble of thunder. Today will be, by far, the mildest day of the week. Temperatures will drop tonight, behind the front, and not look back for the rest of the week. Lows tonight will be in the 30's, but a gusty northwest wind will make it feel colder. Highs Tuesday will hold between 47-54 degrees. A wave of low pressure moving along the front Tuesday n

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