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More Snow!

(Above: NAM 3km model snowfall forecast through midnight. Amounts likely a tad low because the model doesn't account for the snow's "fluff factor". Click to enlarge).

Light snow will develop across the region from southwest to northeast during the late afternoon and evening today, as low pressure moves off the mid-Atlantic coast, well to our south & east. The snow will taper off during the first half of tonight, followed by clearing. The results will be similar to our last snowfall - generally 1" or less from Hartford, CT, north & west, and 1"-3" to the south & east of Hartford. Like last time, the snow will be fluffy & light, with high (15/20-to-1?) snow-to-liquid ratios. The snow could impact the evening commute - especially in southern/southwestern CT, NY City & Long Island and especially the latter part of the commute period. The high resolution NAM model seems to have a good handle on snowfall distribution again (pictured above), but keep in mind it uses a 10-to-1 snow to liquid ratio so the amounts it is forecasting are likely a bit too low. Lows tonight will be in the teens. The weekend looks dry with highs in the 30's.

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