Irma Likely To Reach Cat 4 Strength

Keep an eye on this one. The National Hurricane Center forecast call for Hurricane Irma to reach category 4 by next week. NHC Forecast Discussion

Is There An Eclipse Or Something Going On This Week?

I wish I had a quarter for every time I have been reminded that a solar eclipse is going to occur Monday. I like being reminded about something multiple times a day starting 10 days to 2 weeks beforehand, with increasing frequency as the date approaches. I think the hype surrounding tomorrow's celestial event has actually eclipsed (sorry) winter storm hype. I mean yes, it's pretty cool and all, but from our vantage point here in Connecticut, it's not going to be THAT big of a deal. In fact if you didn't KNOW an eclipse was going to occur tomorrow (roughly 1:25 PM-3:59 PM, maximum effect at 2:45 PM), you might not even realize that it was happening. If you're somewhat sensitive to change

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