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February 18, 2021

Above: radar at 9:28 am. The snowflake icons indicate where snow has been reported at the surface courtesy of mPing.

A "renegade" area of light snow coated the ground in parts of the state early this morning, however the main, initial band of snow associated with this two-day event is beginning to move into southern and western portions of the state now and should reach all parts of Connecticut by the first half of this afternoon. Steadier light, to occasionally moderate snow will fall this afternoon, accumulating to about 1"-3" by this evening. The high temperature today will be around 30. We will see occasional, light snow (on & off) tonight into Friday, with the potential for some periods of moderate snow at times tomorrow. I'm still thinking that the two-day snow fall totals in CT will be mostly in the 2"-6" range. The low temperature tonight will be in the 20's. Tomorrow's highs will likely get into the 30's and a bit above freezing in many places.


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