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Some Christmas Magic

Above: Hi-resolution NAM forecast for 7 AM. (Click to enlarge).

Merry Christmas!!! There continue to be areas of light snow, rain & mixed precipitation around the region as of 5 AM. A narrow band of heavy snow is getting organized over southeastern NY. This band of heavy snow is going to move across CT and western MA from west to east between roughly 6 AM-9 AM. This will result in an "instant" white Christmas for most of the area. Most of the snow accumulation you see today will come over a short interval as this band moves across the region. This will be a high-impact, short duration event. Visibilities will be greatly reduced when this snowband reaches you. Some of you could hear a rumble of thunder. Brief, whiteout conditions may occur in some towns. Am sticking with original snow accumulation forecast for now - 1"-3", except 3"-6" possible north & west of Hartford, possibly less than an inch along parts of the coast. Winds will become gusty and temperatures will drop behind the snowband, resulting in any water or slush on the ground freezing. Winds could gust to 50 mph this afternoon. Any lingering snow should end later this morning, followed by some clearing. Highs in the 30's today, but after today we are in the deep freeze for the rest of the week. Watching another potential snow system for Friday or Saturday.

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