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Midday Nor'easter Update

The snow has tapered off across parts of western CT as of noon, however Bantam and Newtown have reported 11.0" of accumulation. To the east, Norwich recently reported 9.0" of accumulation. Areas of moderate to heavy snow will continue to fall in central & eastern CT this afternoon, with the snow gradually tapering off from west to east, however some accumulating snow may linger in parts of eastern CT into this evening. Much of the state will end up with 6"-12" of snow accumulation, with 12"-18" possible in parts of eastern CT. Watch out for icy surfaces tonight as temperatures drop into the 20's. There will be some snow showers popping up Wednesday and a few towns may receive a short-duration, heavier snow squall. Wouldn't be surprised to see a coating to an inch or two of accumulation in some towns - especially across the hilly terrain of western & eastern CT.

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