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Weekend Weather Will Have A Split Personality

Above: ECMWF model temperature forecast for 2 PM Saturday. (Click to Enlarge)

We will finally get a taste of some warm, Spring weather around here Friday & Saturday, but things will turn much colder Saturday night & Sunday. At 2 PM Saturday it will be 78 degrees in Hartford, 48 degrees in Boston, and 28 degrees in Burlington, Vermont (with snow & sleet falling). The colder air will move into CT from northeast to southwest Saturday evening & night, into Sunday. The northeast hills of CT may see highs in the 70's Saturday, with temperatures dropping into the 40's by Saturday evening. Highs across the state Sunday will be in the 40's, with temperatures tending to drop into the 30's during the day, and the chance for a shower or two developing. Obviously, with such a large contrast in conditions from one side of the front to the other, small changes in the forecast location of the front will cause large changes to the forecast during the next 48 hours.

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