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Dreaming of a White Christmas, Expecting a Green One.

Above: NAM surface forecast for 1 PM this afternoon.

An area of high pressure stretches from the Great Lakes down to the Gulf of Mexico this morning. The pressure difference (or gradient) between that high and a storm in the Canadian Maritimes is what is driving the windy conditions we are experiencing. Northwest winds today will blow at 12-25 mph, with 30-40 mph gusts. As the high moves closer to us tonight and the pressure differential decreases, the wind will slowly decrease during tonight. As the high continues moving eastward, temperatures will moderate Wednesday & Thursday. Highs today will be 28-34 (perhaps a tad higher along the shoreline), but the wind chill index will have trouble getting out of the teens. Lows will drop into the teens overnight as the wind eases, however there will still be a bit of a breeze & wind chill early tonight. The population centers have a decent chance to hit 40 Wednesday, with much less wind and highs Thursday will get into the 40's under a partly sunny sky. A storm will get organized in the southeastern U.S. Thursday. This storm will move up to our west Friday, bringing rain and milder temperatures (50's, at least). Some lingering showers into part of Saturday, then dry weather Sunday through Christmas Day.

Below: NAM surface forecast for 10 AM Friday.

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