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Thursday Looks Sweeeet! Rain To Follow

Thursday 2 PM

We will likely see 100% of the possible sunshine again here Thursday as a ridge aloft and high pressure system at the surface maintain the regime of sinking, drying air over us. High temperatures in the 70's will be common. Some interior, low elevations (like say BDL) could touch 80 degrees, while shore point will hold closer to 70 (some upper 60's?) due to alight, onshore flow.

Friday 8 PM

As the high moves off to the east Friday, clouds will increase and some rain will fall in the afternoon as the first of 2 cold fronts approaches. Highs will be withing a couple degrees of 70. Another area of rain will follow late Saturday/Saturday night as the second front comes in. Highs will be well into the 60's Saturday, but hold in the low 60's Sunday & Monday and both of those days will also be breezy! Low temperatures early Monday morning will drop into the 30's across much of the interior (you didn't plant your garden yet......right?

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