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Lucking Out A Bit

Although the weekend weather still doesn't look like anything to jump up & down about, the wettest of the models yesterday (the NAM) has been backing off a bit over the last couple runs, as has the SREF (Short Range Ensemble Forecast). The NAM and SREF still bring measurable rain into NY City & Long Island after 5 PM today, although the other models keep the measurable rain further south. Odds are that most of southern New England will either stay completely dry through 7 PM or perhaps see a few, scattered showers (especially toward the coast) this evening. As you can see from the precipitation forecasts below, there is still some debate as to how much rain we actually see tonight into early Sunday. The chance for a couple scattered showers will be with us Monday, however a lot of the time it will probably not be raining. High temperatures the next couple days will be in the 60's-low 70's, depending on the amounts of sun you see and how close to the coast you are.

NAM Rainfall Through 8 AM Sunday:

SREF Rainfall Through 8 AM Sunday

GFS Rainfall Through 8 AM Sunday:

Euro Rainfall Through 8 AM Sunday:

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