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Snowy Saturday

Warmer air with higher moisture content will over-run the cold, dry air we have a the surface resulting in snow overnight that will change to mixed precipitation and rain during Saturday. Expect the snow to develop from west to east between 1:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M. It should be snowing in all areas at 7:00 A.M., although some coastal areas could see mixing or rain by that time. After 7:00 A.M. the snow will gradually change to mixed precipitation (and rain in southern areas) from south to north, however a mixed bag will probably hold on across parts of the interior into the afternoon. Much of the region will see between 3"-7" of snow accumulation except coastal areas south & east of Guilford, CT, Norwood, MA, and Lake Success, NY (see map above). Lows will be in the teens tonight, except for a few low 20's at some coastal points and maybe a few single numbers well inland before the clouds thicken. Temperature will rise above freezing in southern areas during Saturday morning however well inland they may not do so until late in the day. The precipitation will taper off in the afternoon but lots of clouds will remain and maybe some spotty drizzle. Temperatures will keep rising Saturday night. Rain will develop during Sunday morning as a cold front approaches. Temperatures will pop into the 50's Sunday except across places well north & west (like the Berkshires and adjacent areas of NY) where it may stay in the 40's. After the cold front passes the rain will end, wind will increase, and temperatures will come crashing down Sunday night.

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