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Nor'Easter Update

Tough forecast on precipitation types and amounts for the higher elevations of northwest CT, western MA, southeastern NY, and far northern NJ. A messy, accumulating mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and some rain is likely in these areas. Probably enough mixing to prevent huge snow accumulations, but if things turn out to be slightly colder between 3,000-7,000 feet above the ground, or the European model verifies, then we are looking at a 6"-12" snow & ice event for some of these areas, but will keep it a messy mix for now. Even with the mixing, there is likely to be a measurable accumulation up to several inches of snow & ice in these places. The further south & east you go, the more this will be just a windy, cold, rain event with some mixed precipitation possible early tonight and with some of the light, lingering moisture Tuesday night.

Expect precipitation that is currently over parts of NJ & southeastern NY to become more widespread from south to north after 6 PM. East to northeast winds will guts to 40+ mph at times and possibly 50+ along parts of the shore. Temperatures will be in the 30's-low 40's across most of the region tonight & Tuesday. Nasty throughout the region tonight, but if it's mostly rain where you live, consider yourself lucky. The interior locations with the mixed precipitation will be especially nasty. Some periods of lingering, lighter precipitation Tuesday, ending during Tuesday night. Liquid-equivalent (melted, or as measured where rain falls) are likely to be 1.00"-2.00" across much of the area.

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