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Update on Today's Ice and Christmas Snow

Above: Hi-res NAM temperature forecast for 11 AM Today. (Click to Enlarge).

Ice continues to accrete on untreated surfaces this morning. Freezing rain will eventually change to plain rain during the day, however it may take until this afternoon for that to happen in some of the northern Valley locations. Temperatures will stay in the 30's much of the day in CT, then pop up into the 40's and in some places above 50 later this afternoon & evening. Parts of western MA and the CT Valley in northern CT may not be able to get out of the 30's, however. The last of the showers will end during the first part of tonight and be followed by clearing, with lows in the 20's-low 30's by daybreak Sunday. Cloudiness will increase during Sunday but it will stay dry during the daylight hours. Highs 36-42. Looks like snow will develop across the region between 8 PM and midnight Sunday night and continue into Christmas morning (how's that for timing)! At this time it looks like most places pick up 2"-6". Depending on the exact track of the surface low, there could be some mixing with rain in NY City, Long Island, coastal & parts of southeastern CT, portions of RI, and southeastern MA. Some clearing with an increasing northwest wind will develop after the snow ends. After Monday, arctic air will be with us for the rest of the week.

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