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Pre-Storm Update

Snow develops across Connecticut from southwest to northeast between roughly 3 pm-7 pm.

  1. Snow will be heavy for a short time (1"-2" per hour snowfall rates). Leaving snowfall forecast unchanged for now (1"-3" south & east of Hartford, 3"-6" north & west), however these amounts are highly dependent on when the sleet begins to mix in. A 1 degree temperature change aloft could mean all the difference between 2" and 6" of snow in some places. I don't think I've ever seen a forecast snowfall map that verified 100% for every town & city. There are always exceptions, as there no doubt will be with this storm.

  2. Snow will change to mixed precipitation tonight. All areas in the state will have changed to sleet, freezing rain or rain by midnight.

  3. Potential for icing problems due to freezing rain - especially across interior Fairfield & Litchfield Counties, and to a somewhat lesser extent, northern Tolland & Windham Counties. Some of these places may see 0.1" or more of ice accretion. Temperatures will rise a bit during the night.

  4. Precipitation will likely become lighter after midnight.

  5. Areas of rain early Friday morning will change to snow in Litchfield County between 7 am-9 am and may mix with or briefly change to snow elsewhere before ending by late Friday morning. partial clearing in the afternoon, with highs in the low 40's (upper 30's hills).

  6. Winds tonight from the northeast at 10-20 mph with some higher gusts. Similar speed tomorrow, but shifting into the northwest.

Images below show High Resolution Ensemble Forecast model precipitation type forecasts for tonight. (Click to Enlarge).


10 PM EST:

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